2024 LUXE TRAVEL AWARDS https://luxeawards.co.za/winners/

Posted on Wed April 17, 2024.

The Luxe Awards is a prestigious platform that shines a spotlight on excellence in the hospitality industry of South Africa. This distinguished platform serves as a beacon for recognizing and celebrating the best in the world of hospitality, showcasing the country’s finest establishments, services, and experiences. Established with the goal of promoting and acknowledging exceptional contributions to the tourism and hospitality sectors, the Luxe Awards has quickly become a symbol of excellence and a coveted honour for businesses and individuals in South Africa’s vibrant hospitality industry.

On the magical evening of March 19, 2024, South Africa’s luxury hospitality scene was illuminated in grandeur as the winners of the inaugural Luxe Travel Awards were announced. Set against the exquisite backdrop of SIBA the Restaurant in Cape Town, a gathering of 100 elite figures from the luxury hospitality world came together to honor the zenith of achievement in the South African hotel industry. This celebration marked a significant moment, showcasing the unrivaled elegance and service excellence that define the nation’s leading hotels, setting new benchmarks for luxury and hospitality.